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Learn how Publishers are getting on board with the Digital Inkjet Revolution

Early adopters finding new ways to increase profitability and free up capital with digital inkjet technology.

In this white paper, you will learn:

  • How the trade publishing industry is changing and how it impacts the supply chain
  • What total cost of ownership (TCO) means for trade publishers and why it’s important
  • Why digital inkjet is replacing offset as a better solution
  • Get the facts on how you can increase profitability, reduce costs and free up capital without compromising quality or ability to respond to market opportunity with digital inkjet technology.

Download the White Paper

Continue reading this white paper by downloading the complete PDF file.

Move forward with BookFWD™

Webcom has pioneered digital inkjet book printing, investing more than $27 million in printing, binding and workflow technologies – including the HPT300 and T360 Color Inkjet web presses for printing text pages and the HP Indigo 7600 presses for producing covers – that address the high inventory and production costs that have traditionally been one of the biggest challenges of book publishing.

In building our BookFWD™ supply chain model, we have created a digital inkjet printing model designed to deliver cost savings and streamlined workflow at all stages of the production and distribution cycle.

Webcom’s BookFWD program helps adapt to the changing dynamics of the industry. Our customized publisher analysis can show you how.


To speak to us about assessing your TCO profit improvement opportunities using digital inkjet printing as a supply chain solution, call us at (416) 496-1000.

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