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Webcom announces plans to launch Webcom BookOnDemand, a new print-on-demand service

Posted on June 23, 2016 in News Releases

Toronto, June 23, 2016 – Webcom Inc., a leading provider of turnkey book printing solutions for global and independent book publishers, announces plans to launch Webcom BookOnDemand, a new print-on-demand solution.

Webcom Inc. was selected as HP’s original collaborator on the worldwide launch of the HP OneBook solution. This multi-phased technology collaboration leveraged Webcom’s knowledge of book publishers’ pain points, digital inkjet production expertise and demonstrated its leadership in efficient book production from one book to thousands.

“In a time when the value of printed books in classrooms is questioned and overall book sales are declining, print providers and book manufacturers need to add greater efficiency and value to publishers through production flexibility, increased automation and customized on-demand book production,” said Eric Wiesner, vice president and general manager, PageWide Web Press division, HP. “HP customers, such as Webcom, are leveraging HP OneBook and the PrintOS platform to offer end-to-end publishing solutions to efficiently deliver customized books, journals, magazines, and catalogs to publishers and end users on
demand in the exact quantities needed.”

Webcom BookOnDemand integrates seamlessly with HP PageWide web presses and HP Indigo digital presses, delivering fast turnarounds due to the no-touch production workflow. The new solution allows publishers to send their files from multiple channels. The files are automatically routed through the OneBook systems for high-quality inkjet printing in flexible formats of either 4 or 1 colour books. Finished books are delivered directly to end customer locations.

“Publishers need to keep their fingers on the pulse of their inventory, reduce costs and streamline their supply chain models. With our BookOnDemand systems we are able to offer a world-class print-on-demand platform that will address publishers’ needs for strategic cost-saving initiatives, including order management cost reduction, a wider range of on demand book products and ability to scale in peak publishing seasons using high speed inkjet production,” says Mike Collinge, Webcom’s President and CEO.

BookOnDemand extends Webcom’s suite of services including BookFWD, customized workflow integration and inventory management programs based on the Total Cost of Ownership model. “BookOnDemand provides publishers with a streamlined and cost-effective solution for short and ultrashort run orders while significantly reducing production cycle time,” says Michael Corbett, Webcom’s Director of Operations.

The Webcom’s BookOnDemand service will be available to publishers in Q3 2016. Learn more about our
new BookOnDemand service here.

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