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Success Story: Excelovate Publishing

These Hands: Award Winning Book

Excelovate Publishing, a full-service Canadian publishing house, provides state-of-the-art production, promotion and distribution solutions to authors across North America. Excelovate focuses on helping people and enriching lives by primarily publishing coaching material and self-help publications. The privately owned company first opened its doors on October 2, 2008 and is located in Aurora, Ontario, Canada.

The opportunity

Excelovate immediately recognized an opportunity when approached by Shawn Pendenque, a Canadian author, to publish a children’s book entitled These Hands. The publication was the result of a truly unique international collaboration between a Canadian author, an acclaimed illustrator based in the Philippines and a layout designer from New Zealand. These Hands is a children’s book designed for young readers between the ages of two to five with colourful stories and original illustrations that both educate and encourage the use of imagination.

The publisher was looking for colour vibrancy in the illustrations, a short-run of 500 pieces and a finished product that would showcase the quality of the product ultimately appealing to parents and children worldwide. In order to provide their customer with the best solution, Excelovate partnered with Webcom, a Toronto-based book manufacturer, to print These Hands on a full colour digital press.


“We are so proud of Webcom. They did a great job printing our book. Their ability to seamlessly print complex color designs really enhanced our story, illustrations, and layout. What a great honour for Webcom and our entire team.”

Claudette McGowan

The Solution

Webcom produced the Excelovate title These Hands at 175 lpi using one of their full colour digital printers – the Indigo 7000 digital press – providing a digital solution comparable to offset quality, with the added benefits of digital capabilities.

Based on the project objectives, Webcom designed a comprehensive digital solution that delivered three main advantages to their client:

  • Short Print Run: Webcom’s digital press was an ideal solution for Excelovate because of the speed and efficiency of the Indigo to produce 500 books to meet the demands of the market and provide the publisher with the exact product and quantity they needed.
  • Unmatched Quality: Webcom’s advanced digital technology produced uniform color density, sharp consistency of hues and brought to life the vivid illustrations on every page.
  • Cost-Efficiency: Webcom was able to tailor a more cost-effective solution for their customer by using advanced digital technology to reduce long set-up times, free up capital, minimize carrying costs and reduce waste.

Its Impact

The success of the book exceeded expectations. These Hands was recognized internationally for its quality of production, receiving top honours from the Printing Industries of America.

A panel of judges scrutinized thousands of international submissions and presented the prestigious ‘Benny’ award to the best printed piece in each of the program’s 112 categories. Webcom’s work on These Hands was selected as the top winner in its category for Digital Printing – Juvenile Books.

This distinction was celebrated collectively by Excelovate and Webcom. “We are so proud. What a great honour for Webcom and our entire team.” says McGowan.

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