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Success Story: Dundurn Press

BookFWD™ pricing puts planning control in their hands

Established in 1972, Dundurn Press is one of Canada’s largest book publishers of adult and children’s fiction and non-fiction, with more than 2500 titles in print and over 100+ new titles produced annually. Over the years, Dundurn has seen significant growth by acquiring three distinguished small Canadian trade publishers and expanding its titles to include all major categories.

Dundurn has received many distinctions over the years including a nomination for the prestigious Libris Award for Publisher of the Year by the Canadian Booksellers Association.

Proven Success: Renewal of a two-year BookFWD™ Program

With a combined penchant for leveraging new technology and minding the bottom line, Webcom’s BookFWD™ program was ideally suited to Dundurn’s style as an early adopter.

Choosing to sign an agreement and produce a large number of titles with a single book printer would be considered a deviation from the norm for many publishers. For Dundurn, the decision to renew their two-year BookFWD™ agreement, is testament to the success of the program.

Since inception of their tailored BookFWD™ production program that combines variable order quantities of both short and long runs, Dundurn has increased the output of their total page volume by 18% and saved 23% in their print production cost.

Cost savings alone were compelling enough to entertain a renewal program. Still there were added benefits to further enlighten the decision.

Dundurn Books

“Webcom’s BookFWD™ publishing program gives us the information and flexibility we need to thrive in today’s fast-paced environment.”

Kirk Howard

Clarity and precision of budget planning

With the benefit of analysis of Dundurn’s varied trim sizes and order quantity groups, Webcom developed a customized program for Dundurn – delivered in the form of a unique price calculator. This important planning tool was made available to their team members to use in-house as part of their day-to-day business.

Publishing Board meeting discussions at Dundurn are supported by: 

  • The precision of knowing on the spot what the impact of reducing or increasing quantities will be
  • Saving time going back and forth to assess different scenarios
  • Built-in accuracy of planning with secured pricing model programmed into their BookFWD™ calculator

The results

As a thriving publisher, Dundurn can plan and forecast, with confidence, a one-year time period – an important element as they continue to expand and build a successful publishing company.

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