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Success Story: Canadian Scholar's Press Inc.

BookFWD™ offers greater value than overseas production

Founded in 1986, Canadian Scholars’ Press Inc. (CSPI) is one of Canada’s leading independent academic publishing companies, with a particular focus on the Canadian market. Their publishing programs make a genuine and lasting contribution to a wide variety of disciplines and have a reputation for excellence in scholarship, research and education.

The challenge

When providing academic publications with content related to specialized subjects, it is common for firms such as CSPI to require small print runs of their text books and scholarly works.

Costs related to order sizes in the hundreds was a burden for CSPI and, in some cases, limited their ability to publish the ideal range of disciplines.


“We’re able to access an online order interface that is more efficient than the manual system offered by other printers. This BookFWD™ interface, in combination with the steps it saves us, is the best part of working with Webcom.”

Andrew Wayne

The Solution

Budget guess-work removed

  • Managing budgets was a struggle for CSPI before expanding their production program with Webcom. Today, they have a completely different outlook on their print production. In 2010, CSPI was first introduced to Webcom’s new BookFWD™ program to accommodate small run sizes that made sense to CSPI financially. This unique program leverages a multi-million dollar investment made by Webcom in digital inkjet web presses and supporting technology.
  • BookFWD™ takes into consideration the entire print production plan over a one-year period to fully understand the challenges. By applying this program, CSPI is able to even out their costs and make year-over-year plans with confidence.

Its Impact

  • Grouping orders has been invaluable to CSPI. Adhering to this practice allows them to affordably print class size orders relevant for their customers. To facilitate maximum benefit of grouping orders, CSPI developed a unique offer with customers to entice them to pre-book titles and contribute to overall efficiency and cost savings.
  • CSPI has come to rely heavily on Webcom’s service, increasing the volume of annual production four-fold since the first BookFWD™ program was introduced. They have effectively reduced their overall production costs by 38% including printing, warehouse and distribution costs compared to expenses related to conventional printing. With such success, CSPI renewed their BookFWD™ program with enthusiasm.

Put our experience to work

  • Capabilities to support a whole title’s lifecycle

    Whether you need a few copies or a few thousands, we can deliver a balanced mix of digital inkjet and offset print.

  • Product customization

    We support niche markets with responsive turnaround and quick access to local distribution.

  • Diverse paper options

    Print on a wide range of paper types with custom finishes (from 20lb to 80lb).

  • Complete flexibility

    Advance reader copies, front and backlist reprints, and short and long runs when you need them.

  • Fulfillment & distribution

    Get your books to market quickly and dependably with direct shipment to your customers.

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