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Special Edition Book Printed by Webcom – Brings wheat-sourced option closer to reality

Posted on May 14, 2013 in News Releases

TORONTO, ON, May 17, 2013 – This year, Mother’s Day was celebrated by a select few with a rare autographed copy of Dear Life by Alice Munro printed on paper made from straw. From a production standpoint, the book is a unique gift born out of a collaborative effort and shared passion that originated from the inspiration of the Canopy organization in their effort to preserve ancient and endangered forests.

“Bringing wheat-sourced paper to a commercially viable alternative for publishers requires extraordinary measures,” stated Mike Collinge, Webcom President and CEO. “This step is an important milestone to demonstrate the feasibility to the general public and we are proud to play a role in turning wheat-sheet paper options into reality for book production in the near future.”

Webcom is well-versed on the challenges of bringing environmentally friendly paper options to the forefront of purchase choices for publishers. In 2001, Webcom partnered with Canopy to produce the first Harry Potter softcover book on 100% post-consumer recycled paper. The initiative served to kick-start the acceptance of recycled paper that is now widely used throughout the publishing industry.

While there are parallels to the collaborative effort called for with such an endeavor to bring eco-friendly options to fruition, the campaign to develop a viable option sourcing of wheat and flax warrants this important boost to progress to the next level.

“The logistical issues are much greater for wheat paper than those faced with increased use of recycled paper. Therefore, we applaud the efforts of Canopy and Cascade as well as Alice Munro and her publisher,” said Mike Collinge.

The special edition of Dear Life printed by Webcom was published by McClelland & Stewart. The “treeless” paper was manufactured by Cascades Fine Paper using wheat straw, flax and recycled paper at half of the ecological footprint of conventional paper. Working with Alberta Innovations for their technical expertise, Canopy is targeting the millions of tons
of wheat and flax remaining from Canada’s grain harvest to eventually produce quality paper on an ongoing basis. Signed copies of the rare collector’s edition of Dear Life can be ordered exclusively from Canopy through their website together with a copy of Yann Martel’s Life of Pi printed by another book manufacturer on the same paper.

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