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Book printing solutions for U.S. publishers

Webcom is the only full-service book manufacturer in Canada with digital inkjet capabilities. We offer competitive pricing in U.S. dollars, plus unparalleled service and efficiency. Books and other printed materials are part of the NAFTA and cross border agreements, with no duties or taxes.

Our close proximity to Canadian and U.S. customers means you can hit the market earlier, and ensure simultaneous launch of titles in North America without incurring extra shipping costs. Send us your files and we print, pack and deliver your books directly to your customers.

Full-service book production

  • Offset-level quality

    High-grade digital inkjet book printing and bookbinding with versatility and lower overall cost.
  • Flexible run size

    Web offset printing for large print runs and digital inkjet for shorter runs.
  • Seamless process

    Integrated process from quoting through remote proofing, production and final delivery, including electronic file transfer and hard copy proof submission.
  • Paper options

    Extensive selection of text paper, cover stocks, format choices, and specialty cover treatments.
  • Coating options

    Large selection of UV coatings and laminates, including raised UV and glitter.
  • The exchange rate advantage

    The rising U.S. dollar makes us even more competitive in the U.S. marketplace.


Why choose Webcom?

Webcom is the only full-service book manufacturer in Canada with digital inkjet capabilities. We offer competitive pricing in U.S. dollars, plus unparalleled service and efficiency. Books and other printed materials are part of the NAFTA and cross border agreements, with no duties or taxes.


Personalized service – your voice will be heard!

We understand that bringing titles to life the way they were created is crucially important. Webcom’s processes and technology are set up to provide personalized printing solutions to publishers. Over the years, we have completed thousands of projects with different levels of complexity, specification requirements and turnaround options. We partner with publishers like you to deliver complete book printing solutions that help you succeed.

Want to Talk?

Learn more about our U.S. book printing solutions.

FAQ for US Publishers

Is there a lot of paperwork?

No, and in any case we do it for you. Electronic documents are automatically filed with each shipment. Just answer a few simple questions, and we’ll take care of the details.

Will I have to make special financial arrangements?

We quote all our jobs for U.S. customers in U.S. dollars. Fluctuations in the exchange rate won’t affect your price.

Can I expect a personalized service from a Canadian-based company?

Webcom is incorporated in the U.S. and has sales offices in major U.S. centers. Our experienced sales representatives understand your business and are available to meet with you at your offices.

How long will it take for my files or artwork to reach you?

Just a few seconds, if you use FTP electronic file transfer, or a few minutes by e-mail. If you prefer to use couriers, we’re as close as any other major North American city.

What about proofs? I have to see proofs.

And you will. No job proceeds until you have seen and approved proofs. We can use PDF for on-screen proofing anywhere in the world, or hard-copy digital proofs, which we send and receive by overnight courier.

Can Webcom accommodate with CPSC and CPSIA requirements?

Yes, our team can provide you with assistance in ensuring that your books, intended for children under the age of 12 years old, comply with the requirements under the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Your first point of contact will be our Sales team to guide you through the CPSIA process.

What tariffs will I have to factor in?

None whatsoever. There are no duties or tariffs on books crossing the Canada/U.S. border, and no additional costs of any kind for books shipped from Webcom to the U.S.

Are there any special markings?

Customs regulations require three little words to appear on the copyright page of books being resold in the U.S. – Printed in Canada. The exception is if your publication is not for resale. In this case just the outermost shipping container, the invoice and other shipping documents must be marked “Printed in Canada”.

On-time delivery is important to me. How can you ensure that?

You might be surprised to learn that shipping time is much less than you think. Over 125 million Americans can be reached with shipments from Webcom in a single day.

We ship our products to the multiple U.S. destinations including New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Maryland and Virginia. There are several options available to provide on-time, damage free and fast services:

  • Expedited shipping
    Time critical shipments are delivered overnight.
  • Shipping by land
    Many customers prefer shipping by land because of its efficiency and cost savings. Commercial vehicles spend less than 10 minutes when crossing the Canada/U.S. land border.
  • Shipping by air
    Regardless of the final destinations – it can be your warehouse or your client’s office –  we offer flexible air freight solutions to meet your needs.
How do you deal with last-minute changes?

The production team in charge of your job can be reached at any time by phone, fax, e-mail or courier. We understand the pressures under which you work, and we’ve set up our internal systems accordingly.

Preserving our Environment

Webcom is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council® to ensure the source of eco-friendly paper. About twenty five percent of the paper grades in inventory carry the Legacy name indicating high levels of environmental integrity–most grades containing 100% recycled content.

Close proximity to one of the world’s most plentiful resources for paper offers the advantage of easy access to grades manufactured in Canada. At the same time, priority for protection of endangered forests inspired the creation of Webcom’s unique Legacy brand of eco-friendly paper selection. Almost one-third of our U.S. customers choose from our Legacy line each year.

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