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We support a wide range of book styles.

From when you’re just starting out with 50 books and a dream to when you’re selling out at bookstores across the country, Webcom can cost-effectively support your book’s entire lifecycle.


Format: 5.5×8.5 in. & 6×9 in.
1-colour and 4-colour inkjet printing
Perfect Bound Softcover, flaps available
50lb & 60lb uncoated paper options
Gloss/matte laminated covers

Format: 5.5×8.5 in. & 6×9 in.
1-colour and 4-colour inkjet printing
Hardcover, dust jacket optional
40lb to 80lb paper options
Dust jackets and printed cases available
Gloss/matte laminated covers

Format: 8.5×11 in.
1-colour, 1 + PMS and 4-colour inkjet printing
Perfect bound softcover and hardcover
40lb to 80lb  paper options
Gloss/matte laminated covers

Trim Size: 6.625x 10.25 in.
1 and 4-colour premium inkjet printing
Perfect bound softcover and hardcover
80lb+ uncoated and coated paper options
Gloss/matte laminated covers

Trim Size: 6.625x 10.25 in.
1 and 4-colour premium inkjet
Saddle Stitched
60lb – 80lb paper options
Gloss/matte cover lamination

Format: 8.5×11 in.
1, 2 and 4-colour printing
Perfect, Wire-o and Plasticoil options
30lb – 80lb paper options
Gloss/Matte cover lamination

We can help plan your book from start to finish.

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We’ve worked with global, mid-size and small publishers across the globe, getting their books into readers hands with high efficiency and cost-effective pricing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our commitment to delivering high quality books means you understand ever facet of the process. No surprises.

How do I decide on an appropriate paper for my project?

There are many factors that determine what paper type is best for your project. Much of it is based on personal preference as well as the standards of the publishing market you’re printing in. As every situation is different, we’d love to chat with you to discuss the parameters of your project. When you request a quote, you can request one of our complimentary paper kits that provides an excellent overview of a.

When it comes to paper, taking care of the environment is of the highest priority. To read more about our environmental initiatives and download our Environmental and Paper Procurement Policy, please visit our Green & Eco Friendly Printing section.

What are the differences between each binding type?

If you are not familiar with the different binding types we offer, please take a look at our binding section on our website. It demonstrates all of the binding types offered as well as a helpful FAQ section.

How long is my quote valid for?

Your quotation is valid for 60 days from the date on the quote. All of our prices are based on current paper costs and availability, after the 60-day period, prices may vary due to updated paper and production costs out of our control.

I made a mistake to my submitted file, can I still change it?

Unfortunately, once the file is dropped to press it may not be possible to stop the job. However, if caught early enough in the production process, file alterations and corrections can be made and charged at Webcom’s current rates. To ensure your file is set-up correctly, please refer to our prepress page. If prepress needs to make a change to your file, it is charged out at $125 per hour.

How do I ensure my file is set up correctly for printing?

We know how overwhelming it can feel to set up a file for print for the first time. Our prepress page offers a glossary of common print terms you may come into contact with while working with us on your project. Additionally, we’ve created a free downloadable guide on setting up your files for print.

A proper file will speed up your project through our production process as it lessens the touch points between your Project Manager and Prepress. Download our file specifications below. If you have any question or problems creating print-ready pdfs, please send us a message  and a prepress representative will happily provide you with assistance.

Download File Specification Guide
Can I receive a proof of my file before printing?

Absolutely! We offer both remote proofs and hardcopy proofs, depending on your preference. However, Webcom provides content-only proofs and are not colour accurate. We will send you proofs for your review and approval upon request. When you’re looking over the proofs, it’s important to make all file revisions on the proof as well as in an email communication to ensure changes are made properly. Your job will be on hold until file approval is received.

Please look over your proof very carefully as we will not be responsible for undetected production and content errors if:

  • proofs are not required
  • the job is printed with your written approval
  • a request for changes are not communicated in writing to the Project Manager

Proofing of pages that use Pantone inks will be performed using the closest CMYK version of the desired colour based on the conversion profiles of the proofing system. If needed, press proofs will be charged at the current rates for time and materials if not explicitly included within the quotation. Due to the differences in paper substrates and inks between colour proofing systems and production press-room operations, a reasonable variation in colour between colour proofs and the completed job is to be expected.

I approve of my quote, what do I do now?

That’s great to hear! Please sign and return the quote to your Account Executive within 60 days and the job will be booked into our system. The job will not begin production until payment is received. We offer payment via credit card and Wire Transfer, your Account Executive will contact you regarding next steps.

Why did I receive more/less books than I ordered?

Due to manufacturing fluctuations and quality control, we maintain a variation of +/- 5% on your order quantity or as other amount as specified on the quotation. This is due to the various stages of the book making process requiring set-up copies that may not produce the highest quality product. The variations in your job quantity will be charged/refunded at a pro rata rate. If you require a guaranteed quantity, please inform your Account Executive prior to quoting or approving your quotation.

What is the turnaround time for softcover and hardcover books?

Our turnaround time can vary from 10 – 15 days turnaround depending on the complexity of your job. Typically, hardcover books take 15 days and softcover books take 10 days but we cannot guarantee this.

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