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Education & Textbook Publishers

Embrace the changing classroom

Changing print models have dramatically altered the playing field. With the seismic shift from print to digital as a key learning channel, textbook and education publishers are investing more into adaptive learning solutions and digital applications. By collaborating with them, Webcom’s dynamic printing technologies have developed new ways of responding to the shifting paradigm to create highly customizable textbooks that truly engage learners. Our $30M investment in the latest digital inkjet book printing and book binding technology gives you the edge over your competitors to innovate, educate, and lead the speed of change.

When you partner with us, you get full consultative support from discovery and planning through to flawless execution, and the expertise of a dedicated team of Account Executives, Customer Care Specialists, and Project Managers, who are available to help you embrace and lead the way with the changing classroom.

Lead the market with digital inkjet technology

  • Content customization made easy

    Ability to custom order in peak season or throughout the year.
  • Speed to market

    Reduce turnaround and meet demand with short run digital inkjet book printing and book binding.
  • Offset-level quality

    High-grade digital inkjet book printing and bookbinding with versatility and lower overall cost.
  • Fulfillment & distribution

    Get your books to market quickly and dependably with direct shipment to your customers.
  • Lower your Total Cost of Ownership

    Operating lean lets you redeploy your capital where it counts – acquiring that next big author, investing in new technology, or bringing new talent into your organization.
  • One-day shipping

    Our central location in Ontario allows us to deliver to most Canadian customers within a day.

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Find out how our innovative solutions can help you embrace the changing classroom and lead the market.

Our customers speak volumes

FAQ for Education publishing

How is Webcom changing to help Education publishers respond to market dynamics?

Innovation is at the center of Webcom. We are the first Canadian full service book manufacturer with state-of-the-art digital inkjet technology. We have capabilities to print customized content for specialty markets and deliver it directly to the classroom. By working with Webcom, Education publishers gain the flexibility they need on making smart print run decisions and the ability to maximize their market opportunities.

How do you manage quality control of books produced?

Our production managers ensure that the team leaders, lead operators and the support crew understand the requirement of the job. Checkpoints include: set up, make ready and sampling through the run in each phase of the production cycle – printing, coating and bindery. A final sign off is obtained to confirm requirements are met prior to acceptance into the next phase.

Digital book blocks are confirmed for first and last page integrity prior to ingestion into the bindery equipment. To allow for traditional book block compilation of signatures, bar codes and human readable signature sequence numbers are printed at the spine. These allow for additional confirmation of pocket placement by the optical recognition system within the equipment, which will automatically discard a book block if all components are not read correctly or in sequence. Sampling is conducted throughout the run, to confirm final output quality.

Can you describe the pre-press process?

Automation encompasses all aspects of the workflow, from pre-flight, imposition, colour management and proofing, to digital/offset print prep.

For best results, verify that your PDF files comply with Webcom’s pre-press specifications before uploading. You’ll find our current guidelines here. If you’re using the Adobe InDesign application to create PDFs, download the Webcom job options file.

Browser-based file upload, instant preflight (including error notifications) and online collaborative content approval, reduce proofing turnaround time dramatically with Webcom’s Insite Prepress Portal. Contact your Webcom Project Manager to set up your account. Upload files to our FTP site (contact your PM for login credentials).

How big or small can the print runs be?

Print runs can range from a single book to a run in the thousands.

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