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Introducing a New Print-On-Demand Solution

Webcom BookOnDemand is an end-to-end publishing  solution tailored to publishers’ needs to effectively manage their inventory worldwide. BookOnDemand adds value to publishers through production flexibility, order efficiency and faster turnarounds. 

This new print-on-demand solution is underpinned by best-in-class HP digital inkjet print technology and finishing equipment, producing bookstore-quality books.

The BookOnDemand solution is designed to support publisher’s requirements for print-on-demand (POD) and automatic stock replenishment (ASR) to serve the U.S. and Canadian markets.


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Advantages of BookOnDemand

  • Leverage different inventory planning models

    BookOnDemand leverages different inventory planning models including print-to-warehouse, print-to-order and print-to-distribute.
  • High volume throughput during publishing peak seasons

    Fast, high capacity inkjet printing to respond, scale up for peak period production.
  • Flexibility To Meet Demand From Local Markets

    Print custom orders for local markets. BookOnDemand keeps book in print and retains publisher’s rights.
  • Operating efficiencies reduce book production cost

    BookOnDemand utilizes automated no-touch workflow from file submission to distribution. Order tracking, batching & grouping algorithms drive efficient small order production.
  • Access to new distribution channels

    The new print-on-demand solution supports book production integration with store fronts.
  • State-of-the-art print technology

    Webcom offers a world-class print-on-demand platform underpinned by investments in the leading digital and inkjet print technology.


Ready to minimize your inventory?

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