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Hardcover Books

We’re in the game. Hardcover books just got affordable.

Webcom has been known for its softcover products and digital inkjet printing for years. With the acquisition of York Bookbinders and investments in the world-class short-run hardcover technology, we’re now in the game for high-quality hardcover books.

Cost savings, high quality, and production efficiency were at the top of our priority list when we developed short-run hardcover capabilities. We have the resources to offer attractive pricing for a wide range of hardcover products.


We support a wide variety of product types

First editions
Trade books, cookbooks
Children’s books
Professional Reference
Custom programs
Commercial print


“Our newest investment in casebinding equipment reaffirms our commitment to meet the growing publisher demand for unique hardcover capabilities.”

Mike Collinge, President & CEO of Webcom

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3 Most Common Styles of Hardcover Books

A hardcover book can be customized in a wide variety of ways in order to best stand out amongst the competition or with-stand years of heavy usage. From the binding style used to the style of case produced, all of these come into factor when deciding what hardcover book to use at Webcom.


Printed case wrap
Matte/gloss film lamination

Case wrap with dust jacket

Cloth case wrap, printed case, or rainbow
Laminated dust jacket
Foil-stamping optional

Cloth Case Only

Cloth, leather, or specialty paper case wrap


Always in style, hardcover books are a great way to add beauty and longevity to books and protect them from wear. We support short, medium and long hardcover print runs.

Lowered hardcover production costs by 20%.

Cost savings passed onto you, with higher publisher margins

Hardcover short-runs available in 10s, 100s, 1000s

Responsive 10-day turnarounds

Hardcover Product Styles

Adhesive Casebound

Typically the standard method for binding a hardcover book, also used for our short-run hardcover binding. Using either hotmelt or PUR glue, signatures are stacked, notched and then glued. The book block is trimmed at the spine and glued to the case.

Concealed Wire-o

The book is bound with either wire-o or coil binding and a hard or soft cover is wrapped around the coils. This gives the book lay flat properties while also providing a spine where content can be placed for the purpose of bookshelf visibility. The spine can be finished with a square or round back.

Flex Bound

A less expensive option than hardcover binding, by using thinner cover stock for the case resulting in a more flexible book. It is commonly combined with Smyth sewn for a lay flat functionality.

Lay Flat (otabind) Binding

Can also be referred to as a Otabind, this binding method uses a thin amount of glue on the spine of the book block to keep the text together while the cover page is glued to the first and last page of the book block. The book will lay flat on a table without springing closed or requiring you to press down on the pages and spine.

Library Binding

Library binding (ANSI/NISO/LBI Z39.78-2000) is a standardized method of binding that maximizes the durability of books that expect heavy usage throughout its shelf life. This type of binding involves reinforced techniques such as a sewn spine, additional cloth on the spine and many other techniques, standardized by the Library Binding Standard, all of which are followed by Webcom.

NASTA Binding

National Association of State Textbook Administrators (NASTA) is a standard for binding school textbooks in which particular papers, grain direction, binding materials and methods are used to ensure a long-lasting high-durability textbook for school boards.

PUR Glue

Polyurethane (PUR) glue is the highest quality glue available, allowing standard books to have high durability and lay-flat quality. It also allows the book to have photos cross over the gutter accurately and gives the spine a square look.

Smyth Sewn

The signatures of the book are folded and stitched through the fold. The signatures are then sewn and glued together at the spine to form a text block and can open completely flat. One of the most common lay flat binding ideal for having an image across a double page spread.

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