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Green & Eco-friendly printing

Environmental Responsibility

Using recycled paper is the most significant step you can take to reduce your carbon footprint. Bringing digital printing into the mix of a production program offers an environmental savings up to 30%!

Webcom collaborates with industry players, publishers, suppliers and non-government organizations to promote responsible forest management, protect endangered forests and implement responsible environmental practices.

Through our FSC® Chain of Custody certification we ensure that the fibre used in our paper is sourced from well-managed forests, and that land use choices and management practices contribute to the conservation of natural resources.


Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) Certification

Webcom received chain-of-custody FSC-certification early in 2007, providing you with the opportunity to use the well-recognized FSC logo on products manufactured with qualifying paper grades.

Webcom's Forest Stewardship Council® Certification

Legacy Paper Options

Our eco-friendly legacy line of paper grades combines responsible practices of forest certification with the reduction of virgin fibre by offering high-percentage recycled content in popular grades. All legacy options are compatible with both offset and digital inkjet technology, allowing for easy transition and providing consistency.

Webcom Environmental and Paper Procurement Policy

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Ancient and Endangered Forests

Webcom is working with not-for-profit Canopy to encourage governments and the forestry sector to support and advance protection of the world’s ancient and endangered forests. We are committed and proud to contribute to the creation of conservation legacies in these landscapes of hope.

Forest Hotspots

Webcom is conscious of the impacts of sourcing decisions on endangered species, high conservation value forests, communities and climate, in places like the Boreal and the Broadback Forest, Coastal Temperate Rainforests and Indonesian Rainforests. We are working closely with not-for-profit Canopy on policy implementation to ensure we carefully assess our fibre sourcing to avoid ancient and endangered forest regions.

Second Harvest

Webcom is committed to the conservation of the world’s ancient and endangered forest ecosystems. As part of that commitment, we strongly support the North American commercial scale development of pulp, paper and packaging alternatives that are derived from agricultural residues like wheat straw as a way to diversity the fiber basket and meet our continued need for high quality, cost effective products.


Sometimes going paperless isn’t always the greener option and it’s a common misconception that going paperless will decrease your environmental footprint. However, sustainable decisions aren’t always black and white. The cost of switching to digital alternatives can contribute to other environmental factors. Sustainable forest management is an important part of the paper and printing industry, To learn more about making sustainable choices regarding paper usage, visit or download the infographic today to share with your colleagues!

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