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Success Story: “These Hands” Award Winning Book

Excelovate Publishing, a full-service Canadian publishing house, provides state-of-the-art production, promotion and distribution solutions to authors across North America. Excelovate focuses on helping people and enriching lives by primarily publishing coaching material and self-help publications. The privately owned company first opened its doors on October 2, 2008 and is located in Aurora, Ontario, Canada.


Success Story: Canadian Scholars’ Press Inc. (CSPI)

Founded in 1986, Canadian Scholars’ Press Inc. (CSPI) is one of Canada’s leading independent academic publishing companies, with a particular focus on the Canadian market. Their publishing programs make a genuine and lasting contribution to a wide variety of disciplines and have a reputation for excellence in scholarship, research and education.


Success Story: Dundurn

Established in 1972, Dundurn Press is one of Canada’s largest book publishers of adult and children’s fiction and non-fiction, with more than 2500 titles in print and over 100+ new titles produced annually. Over the years, Dundurn has seen significant growth by acquiring three distinguished small Canadian trade publishers and expanding its titles to include all major categories.


Success Story: Grey House Publishing

Grey House Publishing has published over 80 directory titles, as well as countless annual or semi-annual editions of many of these directories. As a premiere database publisher of specialized reference content in finance, government, environment and more, all of Grey House directories and reference books are carefully compiled and researched, offering content that is comprehensive and current.


Success Story: Pearson Publishing

As one of the leading companies in education services, Pearson applies deep education experience and research, invests in innovative technologies, and promotes collaboration throughout the education ecosystem. They are committed to real and valuable change, the results of which create actionable, scalable solutions that improve access, affordability, and achievement. Pearson distributes textbooks, workbooks and education materials on a global scale.


Success Story: Vance Publishing

Since 1937, Vance Publishing has been a recognized leader in business information and communications. They strive to create distinguishable and purposeful content and content-rich environments that serve specialized audiences and individual marketers/communicators. Custom-built products reaching select audiences, inside and across media platforms, complement the Vance core products of leading business-to-business print publications, websites, e-publications, mobile apps, and data software.



Webcom Acquires Sigma Binder to Address Publishers’ Challenges

October 23, 2013 – Webcom has acquired the Sigma Binder, the latest equipment in binding technology, in response to a strong need in the market.


Webcom Wins the Benny Award

September 8, 2013 – Webcom was announced as a category winner in the 2013 Premier Print Awards – an annual worldwide competition presented by the Printing Industries of America, for distinguished achievements in the printing industry.


Special Edition Book Printed by Webcom – Brings wheat-sourced option closer to reality

May 14, 2013 – This year, Mother’s Day was celebrated by a select few with a rare autographed copy of Dear Life by Alice Munro printed on paper made from straw. From a production standpoint, the book is a unique gift born out of a collaborative effort and shared passion that originated from the inspiration of the Canopy organization in their effort to preserve ancient and endangered forests.



Webcom announces HP T360 upgrade will bring 33% increase in print speed

August 16, 2012 – Six months after announcing the addition of an HP T350 digital inkjet press on its production floor, Webcom announces an upgrade of the press to an HP T360 that will increase capacity of book printing by 33%. Improving the speed of short-run inkjet output has a direct correlation to capacity – at a premium during peak publishing seasons.


Webcom Publishes BookFWD Performance Report at the 2012 Publishing Business Conference

March 27, 2012 – At the 2012 Publishing Business Conference earlier this week, Webcom revealed a new report about the performance of their BookFWD program launched over a year ago, taking a detailed look at the results experienced by customers. The performance report, distributed to guests of Webcom’s Digital Dance reception that included publishers and industry experts, analyzed not only the impact of BookFWD on customers but also the dramatic evolution of digital inkjet printing in recent years.


Webcom doubles inkjet capacity with additional $8 million investment

January 17, 2012 – Fourteen months after announcing its HP T300 Inkjet Web Press investment, Webcom is spending a further $8 million to add an HP T350 on its production floor for the company’s BookFWD platform.