Convert books, catalogs or directories into online e-publications

Print rarely stands on its own today. With the need to supplement print with e-publishing solutions, WEBview easily transforms existing PDFs into a highly interactive form with a page turn effect.

  • File conversion completed in parallel to book, catalog or directory print production by
  • Webcom’s in-house experts
  • Ready for your social media strategy
  • Hassle-free uploading
  • Secured hosting with access from your website
  • Choose from a variety of backgrounds to complement your visual appeal

advantage feature package

Creating an interactive flash version of your publication is easily accomplished with the WEBview Advantage feature package, which includes a broad range of intuitive functionality that preserves a familiar look and feel for readers.

  • auto-page flip
  • zoom to 300%
  • searchable text
  • easy navigation
  • download and print – with the option to disable
  • share button
  • activation of embedded URLs and email addresses

impact expansion services

The expanded WEBview Impact services builds on the Advantage features to create an even more dynamic e-publication. When your strategy is to integrate print with a broader social media objective, you can easily reach that goal with the limitless creativity of the Impact expansion.

  • live animation
  • embedded YouTube video links
  • hyperlinks
  • advertising space
  • offline version
  • shopping cart alternatives

With the Advantage feature package, you’ll also have the unique opportunity to have a full page free to be used as a welcome guide. In the Impact expansion, this page can be used to sell advertising space as a means of generating revenue.

You will also have the ability to track and analyze reader activity with the Advantage package. Dashboard reporting automatically generates graphs to help increase your understanding of consumers without having to sift through all the data. Through analytics, you’ll learn more about:

  • viewer statistics: from location to loyalty to time spent on the site, obtain information about your viewers
  • traffic sources: get insight on how readers are being directed to you
  • content: gather rich information about the specific content of your WEBview publication

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