Services Overview

To maintain a well-balanced print production program, managing both varied sizes of print runs for varied publishing or business development strategies, Webcom provides a full range of advanced in-house technology in combination with thorough planning an integration of your business objectives.

High priority is placed on efficiency to identify the most effective means of producing quality books, facilitating:

  • *  The ease of a quick response to questions and market demand
  • *  The ability to strengthen your bottom-line with cost effective print production programs

Process Planning & Strategic Consultation


Flexibility is inherent in the planning we do with you to build-in control to the unpredictable nature of the publishing industry or driving new business opportunities.

Webcom has invested in both people and technology to give you confidence and assurance in our plans designed with deliberate intent to address what you need to success.



Designed to allow a reduction in run sizes without compromising on quality or profit, BookFWD presents a paradigm shift that defies the traditional approach to production by transforming the way inventory is managed for both black and four-colour books.

Publishers have been facing the challenges of rapid change for quite some time now. Still, few book printers are as well-advanced at facing the challenges head-on as Webcom. Together, we are able to develop unique book production programs that allow publishers to adapt easily to change.

Prepress & File Preparation


Technological advancement, in some respects, has been more dramatic within the Prepress stage of book production than any other.  The integration of time-saving automation for later stages of print production starts here.

Automation extends from imposition and proofing, prepping for digital and offset printing, and re-purposing content for printed and digital publishing.

WC_Prepress Checklist_icon-050913

The use of InSite will allow you to upload files and receive immediate feedback on potential issues with files and speed up the process with remote proofing.

Options are also available to automate order entry for high volume activity.

Digital Inkjet & Offset Print Technology

Webcom was an early adopter of short-run digital print in the early 2000s. The game-changing moment came with the investment of our first HP T300 four-colour inkjet web press, producing offset-equivalent printed books on coated and uncoated paper.

The implications to publishers now translate into significant cost savings throughout the supply chain and transform traditional business models into a new paradigm shift.


Conventional printing of long-runs support large-scale individual projects as well as serving as a complement to short-runs that are part of a broader BookFWD production program. Uncoated paper options are used interchangeably between offset presses and our digital inkjet presses.

Our web presses span one- and two-colour printing as well as award-winning four-colour printing that uses a coldest process to avoid harmful VOCs.

Text Paper Options


Identifying the best paper for a book or commercial product can be the most important decision you make on many levels. That’s precisely why we’ve honed the selection process to maximize efficiency and flexibility. Our selection accommodates both coated and uncoated variables for either black or four-colour printing, with a wide range of basis weights, attention to environmentally friendly options and cost-conscious alternatives.

Cover Finishing



Book covers often play an important role of first impressions to your audience. We offer 4- and 6-colour sheet-fed services with over 20 different coatings to boost visual and tactile appeal:

  • *  UV coatings and laminates to protect and enhance shelf appeal
  • *  FX specialty coating to grab attention – spot UV, Glitter, raised UV


Keeping the appeal intact with the appropriate binding type and strength for longevity as your book is read, and potentially used repeatedly, is also vital.

Flexibility of the BookFWD program extends to binding options suitable for varied types of book products and cost efficiency for short and long print runs.


Fulfillment & Distribution


You can take comfort in knowing Webcom has added flexibility to address varied requirements for fulfillment, warehousing and distribution, as with all aspects of book production.  Our long-standing professional relationships with the key carriers support cost-efficiency with shipment to multiple destinations. Our post-bindery team provide extended services such as hole drilling, shrink-wrapping, labeling and mail sorting, etc.


Convert books, catalogs or directories into online e-publications

Print rarely stands on its own today. With the need to supplement print with e-publishing solutions, WEBview easily transforms existing PDFs into a highly interactive form with a page turn effect.

  • *  File conversion completed in parallel to book, catalog or directory print production by Webcom’s in-house experts
  • *  Ready for your social media strategy
  • *  Hassle-free uploading
  • *  Secured hosting with access from your website
  • *  Choose from a variety of backgrounds to complement your visual appeal